Leoco damme is a specialist contracting company that was founded in 2000 by Leon Walters. The success of the company is largely based on our integrated approach and our ability to manage numerous small, medium and large scale projects efficiently and within time frames.

Our services comprise the installation of Geosynthetic membranes (liners) to wastewater ponds, agricultural and irrigation dam linings, cement reservoir linings, canals and more. Our vision is to provide an unmatched service of supplying locally sourced geomembranes and waterproofing products for the purpose of water containment.

We are passionate about the environment and therefore ensure that all projects adhere to responsible environmental practises by limiting our waste footprint. Our installations comply with SANS 10409:2004 standards (Design, selection and installation of Geomembranes) and proper testing of all welds are performed on site, ensuring our projects are leak free before use.

Our unique offering includes a vast wealth of experience that includes a team with more than 50 years’ experience in this specialised field of Geomembranes. We are able to complete any project within our scope with our highly skilled and trained staff, irrespective of the size or complexity of the project. To date we have successfully installed in excess of 2.5 million square meters nationally.

Geosynthetic Membrane Installations is our speciality!



Our site personnel are all vastly experienced, and this is a reflection of our conduct and workmanship quality. Leoco Damme entirely conforms to the national SANS 10409 and GRI GM13 specifications for geomembranes. This sets out all quality control procedures and testing to be undertaken during the installation of geomembranes.

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